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Here at Beauty Secrets we have a wide variety of Facials to offer you.

Depending on your skin’s  needs, we will asses your skin at the start of the facial and discuss with you which one best suits. We understand that no two skins are the same and treat them all individually.

Facials are not only a great stress release but a multi-step way to treat and address your skin concerns. To enable us to do this we have a wide range of Facial Treatments to choose from.

high performance
target treatments

massage & body

Enjoy the experience of massage to soothe even the busiest of lifestyles. Massages are designed to relieve the body of built up tension and stress while soothing aching muscles and improving circulation.


Customised for the individual or explore the concepts of interactive make-up lessons with a professional artist.



Hair removal using a surgical blade. Vellus hair is removed while giving the skin an exfoliation and diminishing the appearance of fine lines leaving the skin defuzzed and smooth to touch.

woman's waxing

We provide a variety of waxing services. Priding ourselves on perfection and using high quality premium local and Italian waxes.

Waxing is one of our specialties here at Beauty Secrets, particularly Hot Waxing which ensures you have a smoother hair free skin for a longer period of time. We use a combination of Strip and Hot wax . This will be discussed at your  initial consultation enabling us to tailor your Waxing Service to your individual needs.

men's waxing

For our Mens Waxing we use only our high quality Hot Wax.

This enables us to achieve an effective and thorough result for our clients with the least amount of discomfort.

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